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The 2020 & 2021 double edtion in collaboration with Endavo took place on March 2022 and showcased the selected films of both the 2020 & 2021 Editions.

Thank you for being part of our festival!




Oh, Sorry.jpg

Oh, Sorry

Dir. Justin Giddings

USA • 15'

A grieving young woman leans on her younger brother for emotional support until a spontaneous night out forces her to confront her denial.

Hinuma (VEIL).jpg

Hinuma (Veil)

Dir. Orit Fouks Rotem

Israel • 21'

It’s Dana’s bachelorette party, she’s getting married in two days. A pink swan floats across a turquoise pool, against a desert backdrop. The girls are pretty and drunk, the music loud. As the party continues, we witness a miasma of lies and concealments spread and poison the atmosphere. A chance encounter with Hamis, an African asylum seeker employed at the party, will bring the party-goers and Dana herself face to face with an uncomfortable truth.

Lasagna (Eve Without Adam).jpg

Lasagna (Eve Without Adam)

Dir. Adi Victory

Indonesia • 26'

Coming close to her husband’s executions, Mirna (50) was asked to come with a Lasagna to the prison. Rudi (Mirna’s husband, 51) was arrested with the possession of 8kg of coc- caine at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. He was accused of smuggling drugs from Italy to Indonesia. Lost in court, facing hard reality that he was sentenced to death. Rudi wished to enjoy his last Lasagna with Mirna. Mirna cooked the most delicious Lasagna for her husband. But when finally his eyes met hers, Rudi chooses not to eat the Lasagna. He wanted the Lasagna to be a witness of their goodbyes. In the end, Mirna and Rudi danced with their beautiful and delicious Lasagna watching them. Lasagna is Rudi and Mirna’s favorite comfort meal when they both went to Pharmacy Faculty in University of Naples, Italy. Lasagna isn’t just food for them, but also witness of their love, rage and happiness. Lasagna saw everything.



Dir. Huieun Park

USA • 26'

"Unpot" features Kyung-Ja, a woman iwith Alzheimer's disease, and describes her last day before she is sent to a nursing home; this is her last day outside of confinement. For her children and others around her, she is a problematic old lady, but she has her own world and her last desires. The movie follows her throughout her day: from morning when her older daughter helps her to pack her belongings, to evening as she spends the night with her younger daughter.


At Night, I dream.jpg

At Night, I dream

Dir. Frédérique Buck

Luxembourg • 17'

Entirely shot in the elevator of a retirement home, "At Night, I dream", is a documentary about tender encounters with fellow human beings. A tale about age, aging, loss, love, longing, mourning and the power of human connection. "La Nuit, je rêve" touches the daily life of the residents, their relationship with the care staff, their relationship to life and finally also our own relationship to age and to the elderly, who are so often excluded and sidelined from our lives.

Something to Giv.jpg

Something to Give

Dir. Gareth Gwyn

USA • 24'

This film serves as a collective grief ritual. A journey of reckonings and resilience. Experience a celebration of the power of the human heart amid the aftermath of atrocities in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Both survivors and perpetrators, collectively and individually, source forgiveness and peace from within.



Dir. Matias Bolla

Australia • 9'

A glimpse into the secluded lives of Patagonian cowboys (Gauchos) living at the end of the world in isolation. A stunning portrait of sacrifice, tradition and endurance in extreme conditions, uncovering what it truly means to be alone.

Into the Dark.jpg

Into the Dark

Dir. Michael O. Snyder

USA • 28'

Battling subzero temperatures and forty-foot seas, a team of scientists embark on a perilous winter expedition into the darkest regions of the Arctic. Their mission: to understand how trace amounts of light may be radically altering the mysterious world of the polar night. What they discover has implications for the global climate and the future of the Arctic.

Broken waves.jpg

Broken waves

Dir. Patrick Francke-Sirois, Thierry Sirois

Greece, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic

• 21'

When journalists and international aid leave, what remains of a humanitarian crisis? What are the traces left by the uprooting of millions of humans? What do we remember from the journey of anonymous crowds? In Broken waves, we follow the photographer Frédéric Séguin in a pilgrimage, during which he returns to the highlights of the Syrian refugee crisis, and tries to find the people he has photographed between 2015 and 2017. In the fields, once muddy and full of tents, nature is taking back its rights. On the banks of the Greek Islands, the waves have already forgotten the tragedies of yesterday. But yet, scars remain alive in those who have been uprooted.


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