Dir. Anssi Määttä

Finland • 7'

A dark horror-comedy about people and behaviour in the middle of a national panic. Hannele is going out for a walk with her friend when suddenly a dense and dangerous fog rises. Hannele locks herself into her car, but her friend is stuck outside. Is there anything left to do?



Dir. Javad Atefeh

Iran • 11'

A young single mother, Shahla, is the caregiver to an elderly who is suffering from chronic depression. The old man's daughter lives overseas and Shahla video calls with her everyday to give her an update about her father's health. Shahla makes a difficult decision and will have to face the consequences.



Dir. Georgi M. Unkovski

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia • 19'

After an unsuccessful attempt to renew his car registration, Dejan falls in a bureaucratic trap that tests his determination to be a responsible father.

Milk Me.jpg


Dir. Jørgen Jensås Sivertsen

Norway • 23'

In a remote Norwegian valley, the young farmer Per lives his lonely life. He shares the farm with “Vigdis,” his only cow. Their peaceful days will shortly end when Per discovers techno music. He falls in love with the techno, and Vigdis and the farm becomes a second priority.



Dir. Zachary Woods

United States • 12'

A severely depressed man reaches out for an emergency therapy session. He’s not the only one who needs help.

It's So Charming.jpg

It's So Charming

Dir. Svend Colding

Denmark • 27'

Silvia, who is pregnant, is at her parents in-law wedding anniversary, and she has been looking forward to it because its the first time she is meeting her boyfriend’s, Christian, side of the family. Though she quickly realises, that Christian has a horrible relationship with his father, Thorsten. Silvia and Christian had planned to announce the pregnancy, but can’t seem to find an appropriate time for it, due to the dysfunctional father-son relationship. Therefore Silvia decides to reconcile the 2 men, though this Is proving easier said than done. “It is so Lovely” is a comedy-drama, which the main theme is being able to set boundaries, even though there may not be an appropriate time for doing this.


Priest. Punk. Anarchist..jpg

Priest. Punk. Anarchist. (Pappi. Punkkari. Anarkisti.)

Dir. Olli Laine

Finland • 27'

Documentary film Priest. Punk. Anarchist. opens up a new perspectives on religion and anarchism. The protagonist Nuusa is not only a young female pastor, she is also a punk and a devoted anarchist. She sings loud hard core punk. Nuusa wants to change the church. She wants that the church will return to its anarchist roots.


Silence (Hiljaisuus)

Dir. Saara Hakkarainen

Finland • 15'

How does it feel like when you come to understand that you are a pedophile? This theme touches upon many, yet it remains unspoken.



Dir. Fabio Thieme

Germany • 12'

An employee fakes the life of his clients in a flat for tax reasons. What makes a life and can you recreate it by imitation?

A House.jpg

A House

Dir. Fanny Rosell

Sweden • 21'

Sweden’s largest and oldest co-living house lies on the outskirts of Stockholm. It has 300 residents, all of them women. As of lately, a new generation of younger women have started to move in. A seemingly minor change, but one that could distort – or revive – the house’s original purpose.

Shadows on the rails.jpg

Shadows on the Rails

Dir. Elias Kahla

Finland • 21'

Shadows on the Rails is a documentary film about surviving traumatic fatal accidents taken place in railways. The film is following four locomotive drivers, Kake, Markku, Ismo ja Kari who are gathering in summer cottage to discuss their experiences and ways of surviving trauma of someone committing a suicide on the railways. One of the drivers is still holding repressed feelings on his own experience. Through talking a peer support he can release pain and continue his life. The film is showing how peer support and talking is important while surviving something grave and serious.

Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 situation, particularly for filmmakers travelling from abroad, Oslo Short Film Festival has in agreement with its partners, determined to postpone the festival.

We are super excited to be hosting the event, but health and safety must always come first for our filmmakers, audience and staff. We look forward to be screening wonderful films in the heart of Oslo under more controlled circumstances. Thank you all for understanding!